Madison Classics Swap Meet & Car Show Celebrates 46 Years in Jefferson

Madison Classics –

Car shows are a way to reconnect with the past. In this electronic World full of tweets, posts, blogs and links, we forget how fun it can be to interact with people that have similar interests face to face. Most importantly, perhaps, is that a car show is full of people with a like interest. Our passion for car shows makes us feel like we are part of a culture. This ideal is the foundation behind our shows. We strive to create a venue that celebrates history, heritage, and our love for the car culture. With every year that goes by, it is important for all of us to share this culture with our neighbors, children, and friends in order to keep this vibrant tradition alive for years to come. We here at Madison Classics extend a grateful “thank you” to all our patrons who have supported us for 46 years. It has been our honor to provide you with an event that supports this culture we all love.

Spring is here and so is the 46th Annual Spring Jefferson Swap Meet & Car Show on April 28- 30. The Automotive related event will be held at the Jefferson County Fair Park located at 503 N Jackson Ave., Jefferson, WI, 53549 located just off Hwy 18 in Jefferson Wisconsin.

Madison Classics Spring Jefferson event will feature Mustangs. The feature vehicles will be displayed in the main Activity Center Building. Be sure to look for a larger display of vehicles in front of the main building lined up Saturday & Sunday morning behind the Show Car registration tent.

Madison Classics would like to thank the City of Jefferson and surrounding communities for their support for our events. We have made many lifelong relationships here. We greatly appreciate that and thank everyone for 46 years and many more to come.

The Swap Meet and Car Corral are all three days and the Car show is Saturday and Sunday. The spectator gates for the Swap Meet and Car Corral are open:

Fri. 10 AM – 5 PM | Sat. 6 AM – 4 PM | Sun. 6 AM – 3 PM

Admission $15 Friday & Saturday / $10 Sunday Free Parking. No pets please.

Madison Classics 2023 Events: Spring Jefferson April 28-30, 2023

Fall Jefferson September 22-24, 2023

For more information, call (608) 244-8416 or visit us online:


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1 Response to Madison Classics Swap Meet & Car Show Celebrates 46 Years in Jefferson

  1. Ray & Ronnie Burge says:

    After talking to you. I asked Christine Culmer if you had a website. And very impressed by it! Still sorting out h th his trip. Due to all the COVID-19 stuff. But will be in touch.

    Much regards,
    Ray & Ronnie Burge

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